Japan camping

camping is so excited!

Japan is a small island country. Drive to a campsite in the small island nation.Most travel distances are generally within 200km. As a guide, the travel time should be within 2 hours.In the case of a vast land such as the United States, it may take somedays to move.


Book your campsite online. Camping is so popular these days that it's difficult to book a popular campsite.

When you arrive at the campsite, first head to the administration building.

The manager will tell you where to camp today.

There are two main types of campsites in Japan. Free site and parcel site.

The free site allows you to build a tent wherever you like. However, if it is crowded, the distance to your neighbors will be very close. It's like washing potatoes in a bowl.

The parcel site is 5m square for a small site and 10m square for a large site. The size varies depending on the campsite.

When you get to the site, unload your camping equipment from your car and create your own style base.

In Japan, the appearance is very important, so I often load a lot of tools in my car. It is called a ”OSYARE CAMPER".

nce you have your own base, enjoy cooking while bonfire. In Japan, we often bake meat, make pizza, make paella, and make ajillo.

The sun hides from the campsite and the lanterns light up at night. Various lanterns create a wonderful night.

Some campgrounds in Japan have hot springs. It may be a Japanese specialty that there is a hot spring in the campsite.

Of course, there is a shower, but it costs about 100 yen in about 5 minutes.

If you come to a Japanese campsite, we recommend a campsite with hot springs. I want you to take a hot spring while enjoying the four seasons of Japan.

I forgot. There are shops in Japanese campsites. There is a lot of equipment and food needed for camping. Marshmallows, chocolates, canned foods, cup ramen, meat. High-level campsites also sell tents and clothes.

Most campgrounds in Japan have customers who recently violate etiquette, so there is a fixed time to turn off the lights and keep quiet.


Japanese barbecue is influenced by the United States, but what about overseas camps? I don't have much information.

Japan is a small country, but nature is abundant. However, there are many rules in Japan. I don't think it's as free as it is overseas. If possible, I would like to experience camping abroad, but that is not possible. I hope you can tell me the story of your camp on this site.