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Best Storage box  ROAM RUGGED CASE

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Introducing my favorite storage box. Enough time to confirm. I will tell you the good points and the bad points.

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 --- Performance ---

Capacity =95L Material = Low density Polyethylene External dimensions cm=119.98(W) x 48.00(L) x 29.00(H) Inside dimension cm=118.49(W) x 36.60(L) x 23.08(H) Weight =10.8kg Dustproof and waterproof

1.Smooth opening and closing function

This is very convenient as a storage box. Storage boxes sold in Japan often have separate lids and bodies. So you need to put the lid completely on the ground when you take something out. This case is fixed when the lid is opened, so you can take out things as it is. It is very convenient to attach it to the roof of a car!

2、Waterproof / dustproof function

 A rubber packing is attached to the back of the case lid, so when the case is closed, dust and water from the outside are blocked.

I bought it and noticed it. It may not be completely waterproof due to individual differences.

Unfortunately, I will explain it again. However, even in the event of a typhoon or heavy rain, I put it on the roof of my car every day to commute to work, but the inside of the car has never been wet. However, there may be dust in it, so I think there is a gap.

Some people who bought it added their own packing.

I'm thinking of doing that too.

 3, There is a drain

 I think this is easy to understand if you imagine a cooler box for fishing, but there is a hole for drainage at the bottom edge of the case.

When washing the case, it can be used for various purposes such as draining water when using it, such as putting ice in this case to cool the drink inside.

I haven't used this drain hole yet. The drain catch is elaborate and sturdy.

 4, there is a groove for fixing on the case body


 There are 6 grooves on all sides of the main body of the case for passing the fixing belts.

When loading this storage box on a roof rack etc., it is not necessary to fix this case with a belt from the top of the lid, but by passing the belt through the groove of the case and fixing it to the rack etc., the case remains fixed. You can take your luggage out of the case.

The case itself can be fixed with metal fittings, so the lid will not vibrate. In addition, the fixing bracket of the lid has a hole through which the keyhole can be passed.

Some people fix it to a flat rack. In that case, make a hole in the bottom of the storage box and fix it with bolts. I need a tool for it. I think it looks very good when fixed in this way.

 By the way, hundreds of yen on the front and back, hundreds of yen on one side just in case, a total of three belts are fixed in one case.

Just in case, I'm trying to stack a spare belt on my car.

If this belt comes off, it will be a catastrophe.

 5. You can pass the keyhole through the hole in the fixing bracket of the lid.

Attaching a padlock-shaped key to the case as described above will prevent the case from opening or trying to remove its contents.

However, the key must be waterproof. * If it is still loaded on the roof of the car.

However, if you cut the belt fixed to the roof and remove the container itself, you're done.

 6, There are custom parts


This storage box is sold as a custom part that can be attached by putting small items on the back side of the lid. Panels for lid organizers and molly systems.

By using these, the range of use of this case will be greatly expanded and it will look cool when the lid is opened.

 7. Cool design

95L case

This is the biggest reason I bought this storage box.

I thought there weren't many cool cases on the roof of a car.

I thought this case was really cool. I think it fits my car concept.

As it is an American car, the American case design is wonderful. However, it goes well with Japanese cars sold in North America such as Toyota

Tundra and RAV4.

However, in my home country, America, there are many cool storage boxes such as gun cases.

I'm very envious. We would appreciate it if you could introduce storage boxes from many other countries.



The purchase price of the 95L storage box purchased in the United States is $ 369. About 42,000 yen.

The homepage of American Intake (* 59,290yen as of January 2022), which is famous for imported Wrangler parts shops, is expensive. But I have no regrets.

It has great features and looks cool! Durability is being verified.

 2. Distortion

 You can refer to the picture, but if you use the case itself, it will be distorted.

This may vary from individual to individual. It may be the effect of the fixed belt.

Or maybe it's because of the heat of summer in Japan.

Anyway, there is a gap because the case is distorted. The rubber packing will not work.

If you wash it from the side with high pressure, the inside may get wet.

A friend of mine who uses the same storage box reinforced with metal fittings to correct the distortion.

My friend and my case were differently distorted.

There is some distortion, but the storage box is very nice.

The strengths go beyond the weaknesses.

 3, weight

 10kg in 95L size.

This weight is spicy.

I have two, so I have a total of 20kg.

I keep it on the roof, and I think that this weight and wind resistance are probably one of the causes of the decrease in fuel consumption.

However, I am satisfied because it is convenient and cool.



It's heavy, pricey, and distorted, but I think it's the best case to look nice and cool.

I also thought that it would be cool to load a pelican case or a gun case.

However, I'm really happy that I'm glad I bought it. I think this case makes 60% of the atmosphere of my car.

I found this storage box when I was looking at pictures of Wranglers outside Japan.

Fortunately I was able to buy this storage box.

I would like to recommend it to everyone.

 Purchase from the ROAM homepage, distributors, or American Intake.

 Everyone in countries other than Japan Make friends on Instagram.

Please tell me a lot of camping equipmentand Wrangler parts.


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